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reimagine networking

We're Redefining Business Relationship Building

And Pushing Beyond the Boundaries of Simple Networking.

Tribemine is the Only Full-Featured, Easy-to-Use Business Relationship Management Platform Out There

3 Steps to Networking Nirvana ...

Step 1: Supercharge Your Network

manage your network

Your network is most probably all over the place - on LinkedIn, Facebook and your rolodex. Consolidate details of ALL your contacts and network connections in ONE place, making it easy to manage and unlocking its true potential.

Step 2: Nurture Your Relationships

build your network

Winners build relationships. Ask any billionaire. A robust network of clients, suppliers, mentors and resources is a priceless asset for any business person. Tribemine makes managing existing connections and meeting new ones oh-so-easy!

promote your business through networking

Step 3: Promote and Get Promoted

Why are you building a network? To help you become more successful? And that success relies on you being able to make more money by getting your message out to more people. Promote your trusted connections through your network and social media channels (enhancing your relationship with each of them in the process) and you'll get promoted in return.

Discover How Tribemine Can Help You Promote Your Business
Tribemine Goes With LinkedIn Like Cookies Go With Milk ...
tribemine works with linkedin

It's a natural match, like gin and tonic, or like french fries and ketchup, or even like alcahol and bad decisions.

You are most probably on LinkedIn. If you are and you are not managing your LinkedIn network using Tribemine, you really aren't getting the most out of your LinkedIn network. Tribemine offers network optimization features missing in LinkedIn (and everywhere else as well) that support your relationship building activities on LinkedIn.

Tribemine is designed to manage and track your relationships on LinkedIn (and on pretty much every other platform you have network connections) so you can build profiles for, and monitor your network connections all in one place.

See how Tribemine works with LinkedIn

Current Membership is 71.
Are you number 72?

That means that there are 71 people for you to meet and potentially do business with.
There are only 29 Super User accounts out of 100 left.

If you sign up now as a Super User, you will be able to use Tribemine for FREE for as long as you keep your account. You will also be able to have input into how Tribemine evolves and have access to proposed and new features. Once they have all been taken, new members will sign up with lower tier paid accounts.


Please Note: This site is still in Beta development and is being tested prior to being unleashed on the Internet. Please see the questions below for more about what Beta phase is.

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Got Questions?

We know you have some queries/reservations/niggling little doubts, so here are answers to the questions that you might have.

What is Tribemine?

Our relationships underpin our success - particularly in business. Tribemine allows you to manage and optimise all of your business relationships, turning them into assets that can be leveraged to form a framework upon which your ultimate success can be built. Almost every successful person will attest to the value of their network and how instrumental the people they know have been in their achievements. With that in mind, Tribemine allows anyone, no matter where they are or what they do, to access the potential of networking to seek advice and support, to uncover new opportunities and open new doors, and ultimately to increase their chance of reaching their true potential.

How much does it cost?

Nothing at the moment as it's still in Beta (testing) phase. If you're one of the first 100 members, you never pay anything ... ever - as long as you maintain an active membership. You become a "Super User" and are part of our exclusive "Founders" circle, who we will consult and poll about changes and improvements going forward. There are a few requirements, however - see the terms and conditions for more. Once we launch the site, there will be a free membership that won't cost anything but will be limited in scope. There will also be a paid membership that will grant you access to all premium features. The first 1000 members who upgrade to the paid membership will only pay $9.99 EVERY THREE MONTHS - that's around $3.40 per month - for as long as they maintain their membership. If you upgrade after the 1000 discount memberships have been snapped up, you will have to pay the full $9.99 per month - which is still a bargain!

What's the catch with the free membership?

At the end of the day, nothing is really free and since we are also a business, we have expenses - just like every other business. In light of the fact that most of our members will be free members, our free membership will also have limits on connections and several of the coolest features will be reserved for paying members. Third party advertising may also be displayed to free members. However, unlike some other platforms, we will NEVER sell any of your data.

What is Beta phase?

A Beta phase is where a website is being tested "in the real world". There are still adjustments to be made and bugs to be fixed. However, most features work. If you join up now, you can help give feedback and (potentially) have a say in how the site turns out. You have the opportunity to get the online space that you want - well, perhaps not everything you want, but some things at least. You also get to tell all your friends that you were in on Tribemine at the very beginning!

How safe is my data?

We don't store any payment information and the only sensitive data we store is your email address, which is encrypted. Even if we did get hacked, the hackers would be sorely disappointed with how little they could get from the site that is not openly available on the Internet anyway. Nonetheless, we have several layers of active protection against most common cyber-attacks. Bear in mind that no online platform can be completely safe from hackers.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. If you join up and decide at any point that you don't want to participate any longer, there is a quick and easy way to request account deletion. See the FAQs in the Help section inside the site for instructions on how to do that. When we receive your instruction, your account and all your records will be purged.

Does Tribemine automatically fetch my network profiles from LinkedIn?

No. Fetching the details of your network connections from LinkedIn (or any other platform, for that matter) using an external application (like Tribemine) is an invasion of privacy as your connections have not agreed to share their information with you outside of LinkedIn. To ensure that we stay on the right side of the law, no direct import facility is available. However, as of this moment, you are still able to export a spreadsheet containing the basic details of your LinkedIn connections (name, company name etc.) to your computer from your LinkedIn account. Such a spreadsheet can be imported into Tribemine (Super User and paid members only) to create Off-Site profiles for each of your connections. These can then be enhanced with manually added data over time as you build out each profile. Please be aware that this data export facility could be terminated by LinkedIn at any time.

How big is your team?

Small - real small. Pretty much as small as it could be. But we are passionate about this project and believe in its potential. This is not just another idea for us. It is something we are committed to for the long haul as we know it can benefit people like you. In any case, the team will grow as the membership increases.

I use LinkedIn already. Why would I want to use Tribemine as well?

Aha, the "elephant in the room". While LinkedIn is great for recruiters and corporates, it has no dedicated network management tools, and the community element was tacked on as an afterthought. Tribemine was built as a dedicated networking platform from the ground up. It has an integrated, purpose-built networking CRM in which you can manage your connections, wherever they happen to be (even in LinkedIn) as well as an active networking system that allows you to reach out to other members to establish networking relationships. We like to say that Tribemine starts where LinkedIn ends. That said, it doesn't have to be one or the other. Tribemine works well in conjunction with LinkedIn, so you can quite easily use both.

Can I use Tribemine on mobile? Is there an app?

Tribemine works best on desktop and laptops computers at present but we are steadily working on making it work properly on mobile. Currently, it does work on mobile through a mobile browser, although you may run into some issues here and there. We will improve its performance on mobile over time and we hope to develop a Tribemine app as soon as we can once we have some paying members.

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